He sat in the T. Tailored gray pinstrip suit, and a fashionable cashmere scarf; highlighted by a baby pink hanky peeking out of his chest pocket. His perfectly polished shoes standing defiantly out against the dreary, dirty, frankly disgusting floor of the train.

She sat across from him. Fedora, bright red kurti top and an armful of jingles and jangles. Beads, bangles and a boy watch. Everything seemed a part of her outfit- part of the “me” she was portraying. But her shoes.

The shoes were a leather flat with a rubber sole. Not brand name, not particularly fashionable. Just a beat up pair of flats. The sole was peeling off on ends, there were cracks in the leather. But it fit her foot so perfectly. Hugged the sides like a second skin, but looked as though they might fall off any minute. They held a history, a story, a world of experiences. The shoes reflected her life, her soul. Cracked in places, peeling off in some but well loved, well worn, clinging to the joys of life like a second skin.

The shoes reflected her personality. Practical, comfortable just a small simple design like the small girlish moments she has dressing up for her ego booast, or for that special smile she’s looking for. The soles are peeling in the edges but defying all odds just as her naivete, optimism and wishful thinking hang on to her demeanor unharmed by the reality and injustice of life.

His disguise was complete. No heart on his sleeve, no expression on his face not even a small trace of his personality on his clothes. He could have stepped out of a mens quarterly. He shone like the shine of his shoes- but behind the glare there was nothing more to be seen. Was he hiding? Strutting? Was that all there was? A glare, a flash in the pan?

A smile played on her lips, a laugh tinkled out of her mouth- as she tried hard to stifle it. Her emotions written clearly on her face, her heart begging to be ripped off her sleeve- daring that brave soul to take a chance.

And her shoes. Her shoes shone brighter than the polish, than the perfectly manipulated outfit of a man with the gleam of a brandname.


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