William Arthur Ward said “Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them. ”

Today an opportunity was whispered to me. The stirrings of an opportunity, not yet full materialized.  An opportunity for me, no doubt. But i was caught off guard, wondering if this opportunity is something i want. The word Opportunity precludes this question- it’s a positive, a great chance, a good fortune. Then isn’t the answer a simple one?

Pavi Kulatunga said, “Never say no to an opportunity.”

Yes. That’s what i said. Because i didn’t want to say no, but i’m not ready to say yes.  The sun is rising, slowly but surely. I’ve felt it coming, noticed the change in the horizon- and yet i have time, some precious moments before i decide whether to take it.

Mr. Ward, This is me. Deciding.


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