Laughing. Shrieking. Howling.Thanksgiving.

Flashback to a memory.. A mind tangent that has nothing to do with what I’m doing, seeing, hearing or feeling. Typical.

Fizzzzzzzzzz champagne drips down my chin as I lower the bottle from my slightly numb lips. I giggle.
Zoom out. I’m sitting on a hillock in Kensington, New Hampshire. It’s Thanksgiving night, my most favourite american holiday. There is a bonfire the size of my house a few feet away. It’s red gold glow burns my skin, but its a pleasent pain. My winter jacket is under my slightly numb bottom, the warmth of the fire and the warmth of the champagne keep me comfortable.
“Fame and Glory… Mikey, give Pavi Fame and Glory she ran around without her socks on!!” Char says from beside me on the ground. She glows brighter than the fire, her open and tender love shining from within. Char has a way of enlivening a room with her presence. People flock to her like moths to a light. She is beautiful; short curly brunette hair, oval face almost always wearing a lively smile.

Mikey takes a step closer. He is standing, more like towering over us, (all 6 foot something of him) beer in hand. His “almost there” ‘stache glints in the fire light as his face falls into its natural mischevieous smile. It’s Movember and for Men’s health awareness Mikey is growing a mustache. A very ugly “thing” really that gives him a very convincing “pervert/seriel killer” look. He glances at his phone- another notification from “Plenty of Fish”- a not so classy online dating site.

The fire crackles. We throw an empty bottle into the fire. A muted pop and more champagne flows. Words flow. The gathering thins and we begin to flow.

We get closer to the fire; throwing decade old fireworks into the pitt and running like children.

Laughing. Shrieking. Howling.Thanksgiving.


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