I open my eyes and the silence is complete. My eye lids flutter and I hear distant echoes of swords crashing together, and pained cries of men as they fall against anothers steele, and the fearful whiniying of horses on the battlefield.

My hand, familiar with the routine, finds the snooze button and I drift back to the battle willing the 5 minutes I have upto an hour, a day or a year in my dream.

Some mornings I’m so disapointed when I wake up. On the weekends I eagerly close my eyes to go back to where I was. A hot tropical paradise, a battle in the seven kingdoms , an underwater world, a reality where I’m smarter, thinner, luckier; not single, not a girl, not 24; courageous, defiant, magical; older, wiser, more beautiful.

I’m a conscious dreamer (a lucid dreamer.) I know when I’m dreaming so I build my dream. If I’m having a nightmare I can turn it in my favour. I’m crouching in a corner cowering from my nemesis throwing spears of ice at me; suddenly I’m standing tall, I’m a flame and the spears and nemesis all melt in a terrible scream.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I just want to close my eyes and disapear back into my dreams.. They are so alive, so real, so fun, so happy, and they are all my own construction..

May be its a power thing..

May be its a boredom thing…

May be its a love thing…

Or a sorrow thing…

Probably a imagination thing…
But mostly its a Pavi thing.


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