A First touch of Death

Too often we let life get in the way of Love.

Mac n Jimbo

One of my best friends lost her dad last night. 49 years old and he died. Heart attack. It doesn’t matter how it happened, all that matters to her now is that the last words she said to her dad were anything but pleasent.

Her parents seperation, divorce none of that matters now. She thought they had time to overcome their differences. I’m sure she expected that in time for her wedding things would be ok. But she found out yesterday that any opportunity she had to fix things with her father are gone.

It reads like a cliche chain email. Except its real…

I called Tha. As I told him what happened tears filled my eyes because I can’t imagine losing him. My Tha is like a huge moutain and I’m just an etching on it. If he was gone I would feel myself falling and falling, spiraling out of control. My Ma is like a waterfall with the force of a billion gallons of water falling. She’s eternal. If she left me today I would sit silently and listen and listen and listen willing her voice into existence.

Parents. We take them for granted and as we get older we think we know… But we know nothing.

Uncle Jim. In the last couple of years my memories of him were tarnished a little. But I remember his warm welcoming smile. The Millington’s were not like family, they are family. They were a solace and haven from my loneliness when I left all that is familiar and loving to come to this unknown world.

I can’t believe this happened. I can’t wait to hold Kenzie. Because all the words seem empty and useless. I wish she had the chance to let love overcome the trivialities of life. I’ll stand with her, I’ll cry with her, I’ll cry for her. I’ll help relieve the burden of guilt and I’ll vow never to let life get in the way of love.


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