Running (my mouth) in the Sky

I strained against the double paned window to watch as sri lanka disapeared from sight and all that was left was sea and sky and the place where they meet.

Ten days. That’s all I had to fill my soul with the warmth of the sun, and to fill my heart with all the love that resides in this island paradise.

Why does it have to be so far away? When will man discover teleportation??

I’ve embarked on this journey at least once a year for the last 9 years.. And yet it seems I’m always leaving something behind. The seperation is not unlike the removal of a limb.. Where a phantom still remains inside me until my next return. When I’m here I can see my life here, I could build a life on this island paradise.. And yet I have already begun construction on a life elsewhere.. My home away from home. Boston.

I was just begining to think India is not so bad when my plane started its desent into Delhi. Ahhhhhh! I’ve so had it up to here with India! Get me the hell out of here!  And please get me a fucking upgrade. Nope.. Not with the non existent Indian hospitality. We went through 4 levels of security that did the exact same thing.. Which was nothing.. Aaarghh it’s 1am and my body JUST started to get used to the time, so I’m exhausted.


Although when I sat in that sparse sketchy Chennai airport every flight to Sri Lanka was calling my name. I went through about 15 different scenarios where instead of going to NY I go back home.

I’m going to make that a reality some day. I forget how happy home makes me and I start believing the happiness I feel in Boston is enough.. Its true. I mean, it is.. I just want to bring Eshan, Bathi, Nadeeni, Sujja and Muski here with me. Then my happiness will be complete.

It’s funny how my tune has changed in the last 10 days. I remember when I wrote The Fortune Teller I was so sure I was all done with love and ready to start a life away from Sri lanka.


Life loves to punch you in the face and curb stomp your resolve. It’s happened enough times now that I’m not surprised. I just smile and tip my hat to Life.. That witty ironic bastard.


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