I love the way the snow sits on the trees like frosting.

I love the way the winter sun shines on the bay in stark colourless streaks of white, black and gray..

I love the bite of the bitter wind, that burns my face and numbs my skin.

I love the perfectly asymmetrical skeletons of the trees, naked, bare and yet so steady and alive.

I love when the sun shines directly into my eyes and outshines all else-till I can only see a few feet in front of me for the light..
The Winter Sun

I love to walk in Boston. I love that Boston is a Walking city.

I love the sporting spirit in Boston- be it the Bruins, the Celtics, the Red Sox or the Patriots I love how the whole city is alive with cheer and excitement.
TD Garden. 16F feels like 3- Celtic Fan in short sleeve t-shirt.

I love the deception of the bright, warm sun in a clear blue sky that creates the coldest temperatures.

I love seeing people in shorts and sandles in 50degree weather because we’re tough and 50 is a warm day up here.

I love the Baahston accent- where people drive Caahs, and have Wicked good chowdah.

I love that the temperature in Boston can be 19F, but feel like 3F.

I love the way the snow falls in Boston like little jewels of powdered sugar that lands on my face little a million little kisses. I reach out my hand to capture the wonder and beauty only to watch the wisps disapear into nothing but a cool damp breath on my hand.
Sprinkling sparkles

I love how the seasons change in Boston- how the ebb and flow of people and energy changes with the colours of the leaves.

I love how each season makes you appreciate the last. Just as I wish to appreciate all I have in my life. Without taking anything for granted.

I love that my life is so full, so complete- and Boston is such a big part of that fulfillment.


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