Disapointed, Discouraged, and a little bit Disgusted AKA Arranged Marraige

May be I’m just over reacting. I mean- she didn’t even know his name. Yet.  Also- he lives in LA so its not like I’m going to meet him tomorrow, and…. I think I am overreacting.

But being set up by my parents isn’t how I imagined my love story would play out. Then again, I suppose my parents no longer trust my judgment concerning a life partner. I mean what if I go out and find one exactly like the last one. The perfect one. But he’s not reality now.

But is this my reality? Tall, Dark. 29. Works in IT.
Whatever happens, I’m not going anywhere near that. I mean, if he’s so inclined he is welcome to come see me. But I’m not chasing some “Aunty’s son” Even if he is from “A good family.” Jeeeez.

I’m trying to reconcile what I’m feeling and honestly, its fear. I’m scared.

Finally I manned up and decided I can’t hide this from my best friend, even if he is the love of my life whom my parents don’t approve of. He said, “You are not tied up to me love… Don’t worry. I’m fine and I’ll be happy for you. Go meet him. I love you.  Just have fun in life. Let him meet you and see.”

That gave me the strength to look at this “Arranged Marriage” in a positive light. May be I can learn to love someone without feeling conflicted and guilty?

I remember when i was younger,  before I fell in love I always thought I would have an arranged marriage. Partly because I didn’t believe in love, and partly because I didn’t believe anyone would love me. I know that sounds pathetic, but it’s meant to sound pessimistic.

A few days later my Auntie sent me this “guy’s” LinkedIn profile. I am ashamed to say I was excited. May be a little hopeful. But all hopes and excitement was dashed in an instant. Perhaps I’m being too shallow, basing my opinion on his looks. But he (the perfect one) set a standard in looks and physique that whoever comes after him will have to surpass or at least match. Sorry…

The “Guy” doesn’t have a Facebook profile.
Who doesn’t have a Facebook profile? (I whine.)
Boring people, that’s who. (There I go being all judgmental again. Acting like an insolent teenager. Despite my 24 years.)

So that possibility became an impossibility in an instant.

I don’t trust people who don’t have a Facebook. (wah wah wah!)
What has social media done to us?
It’s helped us avoid uncomfortable situations. Ha!

Courting might help.

I guess if he courted me, took me out, I found out what he’s like… may be he’s like me, except different. May be he judges me back because my life is open. I live my life out loud, in your face. With my friends, privacy and secrecy are unheard of. With strangers, I’m suspicious and un-trusting.
The guy falls into the latter category. Especially because he doesn’t have a Facebook profile.

Whatever it was, whatever it is, that chapter is closed now.  I’m sure there will be other “proposals” coming my way- but I know what I like, and I know what I want. If you don’t live up to my expectations, then “better luck next time” is all you’ll hear from me.


2 thoughts on “Disapointed, Discouraged, and a little bit Disgusted AKA Arranged Marraige

    1. Love you too Mama Stroze. It’s really not as bad as it may sound. It’s just life, and i enjoy ranting about it. 😀 I’m not worried, writing about it and sharing it this way makes it ok. I promise. Nothing to worry about!

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