Cellulitis, abscessed, infected. Disease.

Squeamish beware of this post. There are yucky pictures.

Disease as a word is terrible. It’s harsh, and worrisome, and icky. It makes one think of bad smells, bad tastes, pain, it sounds like an insect singing as it buzzes around your head

“Dizeeeeeeez.”  The “i” is Silent. ha! (Tangent- i have a post about pretty words, fun words and my favourite words. See here.)

In the past 25 years I had never been to the hospital for any serious condition, I had never entered an emergency room for myself, or for someone else.

In the past two months I have been to the Emergency Room a total of 6 times.

The first time I had a piece of glass (the size of half an ant) stuck in my foot. No big deal. I missed half a day of work, which i made up in the following days.

Then last week…

There was a little notch in the soft skin between my thumb and forefinger. The doctors later said it could have started with something as small as a paper cut. I think the abscess ruptured when i was cooking, or sweeping and the infection started to spread in my hand.

That was a Tuesday. The Sunday after that I was in fierce pain, and went into the emergency room. The doctor looked at it, prescribed antibiotics and Vicadin, at my insistence he lanced (basically sticking a very large needle into a wound site to try to draw out the pus/fluid) it to try to drain it. Unfortunately that did nothing except hurt like hell. I was back in the emergency room on Wednesday when I was put on an IV and for good reason. By Friday i was cleared of any danger and i’m happy to say i’m back to 100% use of both my hands.


Interesting fact- My ER doctors in order of meeting them were: Dr. Bracken, Dr. Brand and Dr.Bryant. All “BR’s” and in alphabetical order too. Weird.

I was showing the doctors and nurses the progression of the situation because I took copious photos. (Also because I didn’t have the same Dr nurse combination at any visit)  Dr. Bryant asked me whether I was a journalist, I told her not professionally, but I have a blog. She laughed and said, “I thought so, documenting everything in true journalistic fashion.” I don’t know why this elated me  but it did. I realized I was taking photos to be able to share it with everyone else my followers, my friends, my family.

May be there is yet a Journalist in me.


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