Today when i stepped out of the office it was snowing. Not the heavy wet snow of the past few days, but a light snow flurry.

People with frowns, with their collars turned up and their hats worn low cursed the cold and the ground hog for his false predictions. Wednesday marked the arrival of Spring and up here in Massachusetts we’re expecting another snowstorm next Tuesday.

I don’t know if it was the Sri Lankan in me, or the child in me, or just me being me, but when i felt the soft white whispers and butterfly kisses caress my face suddenly my eyes grew wide and a smile brightened my face. My walk from the office to North Station was a dream. Mumford and Sons crooned in my ears and everything was slow motion. All i could see was the soft white powder as it fell from the sky and i was entranced.

(My most favourite MAS song)

It gathered beneath my eyes and on the tip of my nose. Not cold; and not melting into wet rivulets. It was as though upon touching my face they became invisible, and instantly disappeared into nothingness.  Occasionally a flake would land on my lip, and instinctively my tongue would dart out to catch it. Within the wonder of my dream i imagined it tasted sweet, like cold webs of cotton candy.

I looked around me at the people; frowning and unhappy. Not knowing that in a few months, when the heat and humidity of the summer is in its highest they will wish for a day like today.

But me. Between the pink of my nose and cheeks, and the sparkle in my eye. I found a peaceful happiness with the “now” that was around me. I appreciated every magical moment as the snow fell, and i knew in the heat of the summer, i would turn my face to the sky and while the hot sun bore into me, i would remember this moment… and smile.



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