Reading what I’m Reading…

So I have this test.
I used to frequent the Library more often than I do now. I used to frequent it so much, that after a while I had read all the books by my favourite authors and I was at a loss. So I would close my eyes (in the fiction section) and pick a book. Without reading the back cover, or the front cover for that matter, I would turn to page one and start reading. Sometimes after a paragraph I have to check the title and author, but usually I check to see if I read the whole page. If I find myself turning to the next page with interest I would pick the book, and bring it home.

Of course this was a touch and go strategy but I did find more authors whom I enjoyed.

Sometimes I’d get as far as a chapter after getting home and realize I don’t like it… other times I would read as far as 6 chapters before realizing that I was late for class, or that I was still standing in front of “Section F” of the library.

In any case, in the recent years I had taken to buying books. Especially buying books that go with a movie, and reading them before heading to the movie. Thus my shelf is full of John le Carre, the hunger games series and the Dragon Tattoo series to name some. But how do you know if you’ll like a book when you buy it? And how do you build your own personal library without buying books of your own. I’m still grappling with this.


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