Harold and Kumar go to Aquitaine?!?


H&K vs.L&P

Harold and Kumar have nothing on the adventures of Lyncy and Pavi in search of the greatest (and sometimes not so great) culinary experiences in the city of Boston. The best thing happened last Friday on our weekly date.

This past Wednesday a Shake Shack opened in Chestnut Hill Newton. Lyncy heard about it, and we made plans. In the meantime my childhood friend Namali was in town, so I decided to make our date into a family gathering. I invited all my closest friends and family to join us.  Because of the recent opening date and to keep things simple Lyncy and I decided to forego Shake Shack and take the rest of them to one of our favourites “Bon Chon.” In any case by the time Friday rolled around and my head cold spread to Namali and she was completely out of commission. (Sri Lankan for not up to anything.)

Namali’s illness was like the first of the toppling dominoes and slowly but surely the 9 people on the list started to drop like flies. I wasn’t really surprised, though I have to confess I was irked. Sometimes it’s hard to manage the schedules of so many people, and something is bound to go wrong.

Regardless, when the plans fell through Lyncy and I decided to put Shake Shack back on our radar and head to Newton. We had never before ventured so far from the heart of the city to get to a food experience, but our previous experiences with the original Shake Shack in New York City had been mind blowing burger memories, so we made the journey. The ride over was full of catching up, laughs and the excitement of seeing each other after a whole week.

We were so engrossed in our talk about type-A personalities, dates, and boys that we missed our stop. So we got down at Piccadilly Station, in Newton Center, and waited for the T in the opposite direction. I mentioned how wonderful I found Boston, and how it was like living in a better version of England. It really is a better version of England, a lot of history and cobble stone roads without the dirty looks from the native whites. But that’s a story for a different time.

Despite the fact that Spring supposedly dawned on Wednesday the weather in Boston was in the low 30’s with gusting winds. From Chestnut hill T stop we had a 15 minute walk, and 3 minutes in we were freezing and looking forward to the comfort of a fresh juicy burger and the shack’s famous Transfat free fries.

But when we arrived there was a line that was around the corner. The line looked to be a 2 and a half hour wait. Standing in front of the line with our numbed feet and fingers, we looked at each other and realized that despite the Harold and Kumar jokes we made, the Shake Shack was not worth a 2 hour wait, in the freezing cold.

Remembering that we’d passed by a French restaurant called Aquitaine we started discussing possibilities of going there. Much to our pleasure we were both up to it. I have always wanted to eat a proper French meal, and Restaurant Week is the best time to try a meal that is somewhat out of my budget. Lyncy too had been waiting to try some good French food. So we walked back to Aquitaine.

Much to our luck, they were able to seat us almost immediately despite not having a reservation. We looked at the restaurant week menu and were pleased with the selection-38.50 including a glass of wine and 3 courses. Thus started one of the most amazing and sophisticated experiences my taste buds had ever experienced. We started off with 2 delicious glasses of Sauvignon Blanc. Then we ordered our appetizers.

Beef Cheek for Lyncy the Cauliflower puree was exquisite, and the beef positively melted in your mouth.

Lobster Bisque

Lobster Bisque for Me. The Bisque was the best I’ve ever eaten, and between the chunks of Lobster and the creamy deliciousness of the soup I was moaning my pleasure.

There were a lot of animal noises that evening, and references to Food Porn.

Braised Short Ribs

The next course was a delicious and lightly flavoured fish for Lyncy and short ribs with buttery mashed potatoes and perfectly cooked vegetables for me.

Bluberry Bread pudding with Caramel Ice Cream

The best part of the night was the dessert. Blueberry bread pudding with caramel ice cream for me, and a decadent dense fudge brownie covered with chocolate mousse and a small scoop of coconut ice cream. I was stunned into silence. The deliciousness of the dessert made little fireworks go off beside my head not unlike in Ratatouille.

We were impressed by the wonder of this food. Being Sri Lankan and Vietnamese we were not unused to flavourful food, but this decadence was trully unfamiliar to our palates. Ecstasy!


What a fantastic experience. Restaurant week this spring has trully awakened an appreciation for good and unfamiliar food in me. My Lyncy dates will continue, with ventures into other culinary experiences. We will go to the Shake shack, and be it sophisticated French food, or magical comfort food, or mind blowing street food, we will continue our dinners and movies and fun times.

Lyncy trully is the Harold to my Kumar.


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