The Year of the Gadfly

Last weekend i head to the Reading Public library with my brother. Picked up a book with a title which included the word “Gadfly.” I didn’t know what a Gadfly was, but it sounded interesting. I put the book to my test and low and behold 5 pages in, my brother had to shake me from my stupor.

What a great book! A little dark, and suspenseful this book had me hooked.

I found Iris, the main character relate-able and funny. Even while the tragedies that surrounded the characters made for a somewhat morbid tale, the tale itself was full. Each day as I read I would feel myself delve into this world of prep schools, and secret societies, and when I looked up I couldn’t quite recognize the world I was in.

Not a lot of books have that ability.

CS Lewis did that for me. But not Tolkein or JK Rowling. While all three were fantasy (and fantastic), not all sucked you into another reality. Another author with that ability I find is Neil Gaiman.

Props Jennifer Miller. Props to you.



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