Warrior of Light

As we go on living our lives, going through each day into the next, something happens that stops you in your tracks, spins you around and pushes you off the ledge  and you’re falling, falling, falling into despair, sadness, hopelessness, and defeat. It’s dark down there, when you think your whole world has ended. There is no light. the darkness is suffocating, you can feel life being sucked out of your pores.

But then you realize it’s dark because your eyes are closed… and if you have the strength to open them, then things aren’t so dark at all.

I am a warrior of light. I will spread my strength, my positivity, my love, my silver linings.

Even in the darkest times, one must always remember, everything happens for a reason.

It’s hard to hear, and “why me?” is what everyone starts to ask. Maybe you have a potential to be reached, may be this is a challenge you must face; whatever it is you have the strength to endure. Life doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. You are given this task, this tragedy because you are strong. People often underestimate the strength within them. We doubt our own power. The darkness is only a trick of light, a mind defeated.

I know these answers aren’t satisfactory. The “why me” is never fully answered, but if you give yourself a chance you will see that there is something you learned, something that grew, something that made you a better you.

I am a Warrior of Light. You are too.


Warrior of Light




3 thoughts on “Warrior of Light

  1. Pavi,
    I love your strength and I love that you do not underestimate someone’s pain, yet still, you know there is light. I love you.
    Auntie Judy

  2. I like to think that everything in life does happen for a reason..and in waves..every low is followed by a high, and with each crest and dip we are given the chance to mature and to grow..and within all the turmoil maybe to find out “why me”..or maybe never to find it at all. But these upheavals and turmoil are chances for change. And there is no doubt about the light you are 🙂

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