Beautiful Breakheart

I spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the woods of the Breakheart reservation. It was a perfect day really. I woke up to complete and total silence. Namali slept like a rock beside me, not even her breath moved the air in the room. It was cold and I remembered that I woke up earlier and opened a window. It had been stuffy and I had felt light headed.

After attending to my morning necessities, I chatted with a half awake Nam for a bit and finding her asleep again- ventured into my living room. I cleaned up a little, served myself a plate of leftovers- rice and fish- and sat in front of the TV. I caught up on the latest episode of Grimm and then delved into the beautiful, shocking and prescription strength addiction of Downton Abbey.

When Nam and Malli finally woke up, we were antsy and eager to be out of the house. After some discussion, mostly jabs at my laziness and need to get some exercise, we picked up my cousin and his friend and head over to Breakheart Reservation in Saugus. It was a quick 10 minute drive. We parked and followed Malli into the park. Not even 100 yards in we stepped off the paved road and head onto a small trail.  It was a steep incline, and within minutes I was walking alone. Nam and the boys were running, so I took my time. After a while I noticed I was holding them up, so I told them to set off and I would make my way over.

Refusing to leave me alone in the woods, my brother decided it’s better for them to leave the running for another time and just hike. We wandered our way over the rough cold terrain, spills of icy snow and glittering like scattered diamonds in our path. We climbed a hill- Crow’s Nest it was called, and over yonder we could see the peaks of Castle rock, Eagle Rock and Breakheart Hill. My mind hurried about caught on the icy wind of Early March making stories and seeing imaginary characters that absolutely MUST live in a place called Breakheart. Fantasy lands emerged from the recesses of my brain, and at times the real people around me were but the Alice’s of Wonderland. I imagined some Native American legend of forbidden love, doorways through twin trees, children sacrificed to witches, laid upon soft green beds of moss.

Is it obvious I have an overactive imagination?

We met a beautiful Huskie named Z, and he’s evangelical owner who wanted to share his good news with us. Honestly, it dampened my mood a little bit, but having Nam there helped. We had just the day before discussed evangelism and my aversion to it. Further on our hike we saw an Ice waterfall and venturing down by the small lake we each hazarded onto the frozen surface of it. Just 6-7 meters away we could see the ice end and the water begin. But in the shade of the woods, we felt comfortable and adventurous enough to stand, sit and lay upon the icy sheet covering the freezing water below.

We stayed off the paved road, until we landed on the beach. In America, any sandy area near water is a Beach…. or I should say in Sri Lanka the beach is ocean related and nothing more. As islanders still water makes us nervous and swimming in its stagnation seems a little gross- so we debated coming back in the summer to test our theories.

As we left, we bumped into Chaos and his puppy, Olive, accompanying my cousin. After much baby noises we head back home to warm meals, quiet evenings on a beautiful day.

The end.


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