We are Damned.

We are damned- to be born in a world where Love is second to tradition and superstition. Today i’m a little more cynical. Today i’m a little more jaded. A little piece of my heart turned to stone today.

Today i watched helplessly as two hearts were broken. In one fell swoop, the wisdom keepers, the elders of my family passed their judgement and made it clear that no choices are available. The only option- broken hearts.

Tears flowed.

Swollen eyes.

Pretend smiles.

Hands that don’t touch.

Lips that don’t move.

They sat looking at the broken pieces of their hearts.

And all the around them the chatter- the cacophony of words that don’t heal; more salt on their wounds. Could no one see it wasn’t helping? Could no one hear the shredded pieces of their hearts rip further with each word of encouragement?

Or is that just the sound of mine own heart breaking again?

It’s for the greater good they say.

Death is the only certainty in this life.

Would it not be better to spend these fleeting moments we have with love, with happiness?

What use is a long life if we deny ourselves, through human constructions, barriers and limitation- the chance to be happy. To be loved.

My soul is a little less whole today; the world is a little less beautiful.



2 thoughts on “We are Damned.

  1. I guess the world is a little more real too today.. these human constructions, even the ones we disagree with, are in our life because we choose them to be. The limitations by the people we hold dear. Its always a choice and never an easy one. Either way with these attachments its broken hearts one way or another. If we all lived and let live, it might be a little less so, but the reality is it isn’t like that. But you and I are optimists, tomorrow we will see light where there is darkness and get up and carry on and make for ourselves a story we are happy with within these barriers and when we cannot we will step outside them. To us, those who can’t do this, those who don’t do this are denied what we can have, what we choose to have.

    1. So true. I wrote this in a fit of emotion, anger, injustice, sadness. By the next morning my outlook had improved significantly. I’ll post my more optimistic take on this soon. 😀

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