The Parent Question.

Disclaimer: Wrote this a couple of weeks ago and was at the time a little miffed at my parents. But let it be known that I have the most amazing parents in the whole bloody universe, and I would do anything to make them happy. I love you Ma! I love you Tha!

Parents these days… sigh

They do a fantastic job raising you into wonderful,  caring, open-minded, tolerant, responsible good hearted individuals with a good dose of reason and clear understanding of wrong and right.  They do an excellent job as parents and then all day and all night doubt the good job they did.

They forget that they gave you excellent values.

They give you the travel bug, by dragging you all over the country and the world as a child, they give you an appreciation for history, for art, for culture, for adventure, and then they worry why you’re never in one place, always on the road, and busting up your hard earned money.

They give you a good education, good money and time management skills and worry the whole time that you’re wasting, or being irresponsible, or reckless.

They give you a taste for good food, good fun and a healthy appetite for dancing and then reprimand you for “partying all the time.”

They help you understand the good and the bad in the world, teach you to identify the good and the bad in people, and to never judge a book by its cover. But then they undermine your judgement, doubt your ability to know what’s right, and step in to save you from what may or may not be a mistake.

All the while they don’t see that it is their own good work they are undermining. It is their own accomplishment (of raising a strong, smart and big-hearted human being) they are doubting.

Of course a child is always a child whether 5 or 50 to her parents. As long as they live, she will always be a child about to put her finger in a electric socket.

How can a parent make a decision? To let her put her finger in the socket Or remove the opportunity for her to learn a lesson?

That is the question.



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