Game of Thrones

I know you’ve heard a lot about this. GOT is like a buzz word these days what with the show being so good as to be appreciated by those who read the books, and those who didn’t.  I started the series almost a year ago. Book 1 went by in a flash, and I’ve been reading book 2 and 3 for the last few months.

It’s taking me awhile to finish.  Mostly because in between reading the series I get distracted by other books. But I keep reading, because I am determined to finish the entire series before watching the show.

It’s magic. If you’re a into medieval  knights, fighting, sex, villian-ry, dragons, sex, fighting, little people who rock,  magic, zombies,  did i mention sex and fighting? You will love this book/series.

The books build these characters that you grow to love or hate, and take them away so efficiently, you wonder how you are gonna continue in the story without them. But you do.

I will recommend this series highly, as soon as I finish it.


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