One morning, sitting by the window bathing in the sun she was eating an apple. She was enjoying the heat of the summer, when she imagined the sun shining on her apple got captured as she bit into it and she tasted the sun.

Startled by the sensation, she stopped chewing and quickly looked to what she had bitten into. But there was no sign or difference. The golden delicious apple didn’t look any different from any other golden delicious apple. As she ate through the rest of the bite, she smiled; it felt warm and sweet and light (not dense like honey as one would imagine it to taste) just like sunshine.

It felt like the way love spreads in her chest when she sees someone she loves deeply, except it was warmth spreading in her mouth. It felt like a soft, deep, tender kiss; a tongue that caressed the inside of her mouth; that runs over her teeth in gleeful excitement towards her tongue, then envelops it in the warm tangy, tingly sensation of electricity.

She hesitated. What would happen when the sunlight reached her stomach? But she decided nothing bad could happen and courageously gulped the apple flavoured sunlight.

Immediately the sensation was gone, she couldn’t feel anything.

For a split second she wondered whether she would poo sunlight, or pee sunlight…?

She felt sad. She wanted more of the warmth, so she took another bite of the apple, but the magic was over. The sunlight did not linger on her apple long enough to capture it in a bite.

A few bites later she had no appetite for the apple any longer and threw the half eaten core into the waste bin. May be the apple absorbed some of the sun and grew a beautiful magic tree of Golden Delicious apples in the middle of the landfill.

And her.. What grew with this sunlight inside her?

The sunlight seeped through her taste buds,  was absorbed into her blood and ran through her body. A thin membrane of sunlight spread through her body- reaching and reaching the outer edges of her being (like a cocoon). A membrane that protects her from the fear, the negativity, the prejudices, the judgement, the intolerance, the anger, the jealousy, the terrible things that surround her and tries to mold her.

It’s a glow under her skin; the hint of yellow in her un-tanned skin. It’s the sparkle in her eye, and the shrill shriek of her laugh. It’s the warm blanket that keeps her warm, while others bury themselves in fleece and heavy coats in the winter. But most of all is her positive outlook,  her “never-take-no-for-an-answer” attitude, the impossibility of impossibility, its in the nickname, “sunshine”, and the spring in her step. It’s the warmth of her hug, the eternity of her love and indestructible quality of her friendship.

The sunlight became her..


3 thoughts on “Sunlight

  1. And every time she hugs, or laughs or does those things that make her who she is, the sunshine spreads, they feel it, they breathe it and sometimes they even taste it. And when they walk away, the sunshine stays with them in the hint of a smile that remains on their lips and the spring in their step. ❤

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