The Bookworm in Me

We hated it in high school, and college. For being restrictive, boring, and not being fun for the pure reason that reading the book only led to a paper, we hated summer reading lists.

On the other hand I loved reading. I would always have a book with me, I went through all the books of my grandparents, from Iris Bromige romance novels to  my Grandfathers old Ian Flemings. When I didn’t have a book I would read the stacks of Reader’s Digests and National Geographics that my grandfather had collected since as early as 1932 and was so fond of.

But there I was, in college, avoiding the public library to avoid the temptation. I remember distinctly being unable to read anything I “wanted” to read in college, because of all the books I was “supposed” to read for college. I never had enough time to even think of another book, much less finish all the required reading I already had on my plate.

Honestly some of the texts were actually quite good, some of them have stayed with me (Machiavelli, Alexis de Tocqueville & Thoreau not to mention the Literary Journalism stories and books- being some from college.)

In any case, its been one year since I graduated from college, and finally running out of British crime dramas, and worthwhile movies to watch on Netflix I slowly re introduced myself to the worlds that jump off the written page and transport me to lands of fantasy (Game of Thrones being the most prevalent), and sometimes transport me just outside my door (Robert Parker’s Spenser Novels based in Boston.)\

But sometimes its hard for me to find what I want to read. For awhile, when I see a movie I’d like to watch, I would find out if there was a book and try to read it before the movie. It didn’t always work though, because by the time I got the book, the movie would already be on dvd, and I’d end up watching it.

Now of course this might not be a problem, except one of my most favourite things to do is create a world in my head, and compare it to the world created on the screen. Harry Potter taught me how to appreciate the screen versions without getting bogged down by the fact that everyone loves to throw around “ THE BOOK WAS SO MUCH BETTER.” I don’t deny that I am as guilty as the next person for that phrase, but I have come to appreciate that “The movie is so much different from the book” there by enjoying (not once, but twice) the narrative in vastly different mediums.

The key to this is of course reading the book first. Once I’ve seen the movie (the cast especially) its hard to create the same amount of detail on my own- what with my brain substituting what I already know into what I would rather imagine.


Then one day scrolling through buzzfeed I found this.

14 books to Read

It was perfect (albeit most of the list includes a picture of the cast. But that’s a small detail in the greater scheme of things). A list of books, with movies coming out soon, but not too soon. It helped me filter from the millions of books out there. Sometimes the hardest part is to decide what to read. And often times I find myself drifting back to the same old, dependable authors. But this list was exposing me to new writers, new stories, even new genres.

Then I discovered the Kindle App on my Note II.

The world is officially a better place.

I’m 3 down on the list and will publish some short reviews per book soon. I have 14 books to read, and just knowing that as I finish one, another is just waiting is the most magnificent sense of relief and excitement.

The Bookworm in Me can’t help but smile.


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