Any given Sunday…

I’ve always wondered what happens on a weekend of a cultured person. What accounts for their knowledge of the world, from the arts to current events, to people they know or movies they’ve seen. I’m beginning to get a glimpse of this world in the “professional career woman” status I have been building over the past several months.

Patron of the Boston ballet, Museum of Fine arts and subscriber to several newsletters has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of culture in my city.

My partner in crime is Lyncy.  (I have written before of Lyncy and our culinary adventures.)

After a couple of back and forth’s, we made plans for Sunday Brunch and French film festival at the Museum of Fine Arts.

I drove into the city around 1030, and found parking in a small lot just beyond Chinatown. Walking over to 460 Harrison Street, I contacted Lyncy and we met in the middle of the market.

SoWa market is popularized as being:

“ the hip and happening place to be on Sundays from May to October! The market is located outdoors in the vibrant SoWa district in Boston’s South End and includes an extensive arts/crafts section with a rotating group of indie makers and designers, an award-winning farmer’s market and a collection of the yummiest food trucks around. To round out your Sunday, within walking distance you’ll find a vintage market, artist studios, galleries, shops and many of Boston’s best restaurants.”

Meet the folks behind the work. Chat with a farmer. Munch on a gourmet sandwich. Shop handmade and support local businesses! Art, clothing, accessories, ceramics, jewelry, housewares, gourmet foods, fresh produce and flowers, mobile eats – you’ll find it all at the SoWa Open Market!”


Taking a quick walk about, Lyncy and I head to a small cafe for a sandwich and come caffeine. Mohr and McPherson cafe was different and fun, and a nice quiet place for a chat. We shared an antique table and unusual chairs with another lady, but the general atmosphere of the place was funky and fun. The pulled pork sandwich was satisfying. I wouldn’t say it blew my mind, but I was quite hungry and it definitely hit the spot; especially the dirty chai latte.

After lunch we walked around some more. We found a book stall selling ancient hardcover classics for as little as $3-$5, the most expensive book being $10. I found a “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman from 1934. We spent another hour touring the market, as well as the Vintage Market inside the building. Treasures by the thousands, big trunks, suitcases, hats, clothes, trinkets, books, anything you can think of could be found here.


After more window shopping, looking, and stopping ourselves from buying everything we see, we head over to the MFA. Driving in the city for the first time was an experience, and a very good one. No crazy drivers, or impatient drivers. To our luck we found a parking spot right beside the museum. After retrieving our tickets we head over to the new entrance (with the giant baby heads- yes, its super creepy) on Fenway (not the entrance on Huntington).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We spend a couple of hours drinking fizzy lemonade at the cafe, and touring the popular Samurai exhibit, before heading over to the queue to the movie.

“Granny’s Funeral” or “Adieu Berthe ou l’enterrement de mémé” was great fun!

Lots of belly roll laughing in the audience. The dark comedy raised the spirits, and yet the weight of “reality” really set in as we left the theater. Lyncy and i talked about the heavy feeling, something akin to dissatisfaction we both felt and yet we could not attribute it to the movie, as we had enjoyed it and laughed a lot. We finally decided that the whole story was so very possible, so very real, and so very human that unlike the regular box office films, which separate the viewer from the characters with sheer impossibility of the things that happen, this movie speaks to some part within us.

We decided we don’t like it. haha! Or rather that we only like it in small doses.

As the evening drew to a close we drove to Bon Chon, in Allston, one of our favourite spicy comfort food spots. After indulging in the deliciousness that is Korean Fried Chicken, and Kimchi fried rice I drove Lyncy home, and went home to enjoy my last day of solitude before Malli returned from his 3 week vacation.

And if several such Sundays were to pass by, I would be inclined to admit that I am that cultured person I always aspired to be….


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