Bitter After Taste.


I can’t say i enjoyed this article, but i certainly related to it.

I studied abroad in India. It was a great experience, I traveled, had fun, made friends, stepped outside of my comfort zone. It was marvelous. Definitely one of the best times of my life.

But a lot (if not most) of what she has written here is true to me. The groping, the staring, the vulgar comments, and the general feeling of being second class citizen. The fear, the thoughtful wardrobe choices, and small mistakes like wearing a skirt that didn’t quite reach my ankles, and the subsequent intolerable whistling, commentary and “accidental” touching, which had me rushing back home for safety, and into a thick pair of jeans- despite the 100 degree weather.

Most of all- the mentality of women in India, the oppressive acceptance by my fellow females is like a bitter after taste. I remember my friend purposefully wearing the clothes she likes, regardless of the whistling, because she would refuse to give in to Indian-male-chauvinism.

When i think of  the up roar, and hoopla people make about Muslim and middle eastern nations, and their oppression of women; it annoys me. At least they are open, their laws are written and they make no secret of their out dated beliefs. But in india… it’s an unspoken truth.  Walk up to an average 20 something girl at the university, ask her if she feels equal, if she feels safe? The answer is always no.

Why must women make an extra effort to be safe? Why can’t men make an extra effort not to be animals?


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