Beautiful Breakheart

Ever so often i visit these memories in my mind… and i’m so glad i decided to WRITE IT DOWN. ❤

The Fight In Me

I spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the woods of the Breakheart reservation. It was a perfect day really. I woke up to complete and total silence. Namali slept like a rock beside me, not even her breath moved the air in the room. It was cold and I remembered that I woke up earlier and opened a window. It had been stuffy and I had felt light headed.

After attending to my morning necessities, I chatted with a half awake Nam for a bit and finding her asleep again- ventured into my living room. I cleaned up a little, served myself a plate of leftovers- rice and fish- and sat in front of the TV. I caught up on the latest episode of Grimm and then delved into the beautiful, shocking and prescription strength addiction of Downton Abbey.

When Nam and Malli finally woke up, we were antsy and…

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