The Legacy in a Laugh

The Fight In Me

Recently I’ve been noticed for my laugh.

It’s loud, and care free. It’s got a life of its own sometimes, and gets away from me. It’s wild and unprecedented; Its even inappropriate when it comes out when i’m nervous.

My laugh finds so many things amusing, and finding joy even in the littlest things, bursts through my mouth and causes an earthquake in my body. My head is thrown back and peels of laughter escape my lips, and tears gather at the corner of my clenched eyes.

And when the pandemonium ends i’m left with the most satisfying, healthy, clean feeling.

Many people have commented on its volume, its infectiousness, its pure joy. They’ve said it defines me, and that they would recognize it anywhere.

When I was younger I always wanted to leave a legacy- be the doctor that cures cancer, or write a book that people will read…

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