April Fools Day Is No Joke

Don’t forget to laugh.. and what a perfect follow up to my previous piece about dark humour.


The average American adult laughs just 18 times a day. That’s down from the eight laughs an hour they enjoyed when they were five years old. This, according to emerging research in the behavioral sciences, is a big problem.

These days, comedy is everywhere — on television, in movies, and all over the Internet. Yet our lives lack levity. We are over-scheduled, over-tired, and over-worked. Who has time to crack jokes with friends anymore? Plus, being funny seems to be riskier than ever. One failed joke can light up the Twittersphere.[time-pullquote]While schools are instituting anti-bullying programs, research finds that many forms of teasing are actually highly beneficial.[/time-pullquote]

Modern science, however, suggests humor might be far more important and powerful than most of us realize — and that we could all stand to benefit from doubling down on comedy.

Over the centuries, most scholars focused on humor’s dark side. Plato and…

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