A Call to Action

To all my friends posting this picture, and calling out the atrocities that have taken place in our country these last couple of days. It is not enough to  use social media to spread the word. We need to take to the streets. Too long we have been complacent  while the ignorant and intolerant dare to speak for us. We must speak for ourselves.

We must let them know that we are tired of war. We were born into one, and tell them that we will not stand while they start another one. We want more from our country.

We stand with our Tamil brothers and sisters, with our Muslim brothers and sisters, and our Christian brothers and sisters. We all stand together against IGNORANCE.

How can we petition the government to take action against these fools who dare to call themselves buddhists, dare to call themselves Sinhalese, and DARE TO CALL THEMSELVES SRI LANKANS??

This isn’t a rhetorical question.

Who’s in?


The point is we have to do more. As a Sinhalese Buddhist i’m tired and angry about being named the oppressor because of the completely ignorant actions of the brainless few.

I love all my countrymen, not despite their race or religion BECAUSE of it.

As a Buddhist I stand up to  scream to my fellow countrymen, to the world:  THIS IS NOT BUDDHISM. These monsters have tainted the saffron robes they wear, they’ve forgotten what it means to represent our religion. The BBS doesn’t not represent me, and it does not represent Buddhism.

The imbeciles in the saffron robes, creating violence and causing mayhem in our streets are nothing more than ignorant, witless bastards promoting their own greed and political hungers.

Let’s get them off our streets!




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