The Game of Robes – Can we help stop bigotry beyond changing our profile pictures?

I linked this article in my my previous post. Excellent Thoughts. We need to mobilize beyond social media. We need to do more.


So! Riots huh? Shops torched eh? Tear gas lu, curfew lu, 3 killed, few Muslim folks thrashed, a Muslim deputy minister tries to not get thrashed while another one of em minister’s contemplates whether to hand over his resignation. Oh and it seems like the president is taking shit for being in some Bolivian summit which no one gives a shit about. All this takes place while the media is operating at snail pace. And the citizen journalism folks are most certainly seizing the opportunity to thrive on it. Quite an eventful Sunday leading to buckets full of opinions on a Monday morning. Full of Drama. We can write a television series of it no? I call it the Game of Robes.

Of course, in reality, the sane masses of all races in LKA are not pleased. Muslims all around the country are PISSED OFF, agitated and worried.

Including mom…

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