I think  heartache is one of the greatest accomplishments and abilities of human kind. It sets us apart from the animals, and the extraterrestrials.

I love, Love. I love Falling, and I love Loving.

Its exhilarating. Picking up these cold and scattered hearts; warming them with my love. Sometimes I think I was born to love; it is my purpose to love and nourish and cherish. To build people up, and help them grow. To give them freedom, and the comfort of my arms.

Despite how many millions of tears were shed; anger, betrayal, heartache that happened, I don’t regret a single moment of loving Bathiya. It was one of the best things I ever did. Giving of myself and my time to another human being was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. What came afterwards does not taint or tarnish the pure beauty of the love.It just doesn’t.

Our lives are so simple and so short. We are but fruit flies in the grand scheme of things, so what is the problem with giving of ourselves, so that the collective memories, smiles, laughter and Love are released into this world? A world generally bent on destruction.

Love. It’s what sets us apart from the villains, the ignoramus masses.

I believe in the grand gesture. Not presents, but presence.

I believe in Freedom to love, and be loved. (Freedom from jealousy, from distrust, from possession; from all barriers to Love.)

I believe that people change, but you can’t change people.

Everyone has faults, flaws, their own fights. Love is about accepting all the idiosyncrasies, complexities.

It’s not about forgiving their flaws; but loving them because they are flawed.

I believe Love isn’t about culture, its about character.

I believe the only thing that bridges the gap, the gap between a man and a women, the romantic and  the realist, the broken and the whole is- words.

And Love.


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