I was talking today with my brother about the feeling of being in a new place.

I’m house sitting/cat sitting for a friend of mine this week and I’ve noticed a difference in my mood, energy and attitude.  My brother, the spiritual, intelligent man that he has turned into said, “it’s because you’re mind is still getting familiar with your new surroundings.”

I started thinking about how much sense that made. I mean, biologically we’re hardwired to be more alert for the unexpected, and in unfamiliar territory. This also explains why despite getting less sleep than usual, i’m still feeling more awake, and aware than usual. And people say Magic isn’t real.

Just yesterday a friend of mine and i were discussing how we sometimes crave the most bizzare things (like spinach, and oranges and steak) and how it actually is a signal our mind is giving about the kind of nutrients the body needs in that moment. We read a lot of books and articles which tell us what to eat and what not to eat, but the problem really is that we don’t listen to our bodies.

We don’t stop eating when we’re full, or we eat something even when we know we feel sick later. We starve ourselves, or deprive our bodies of certain foods, because of this diet, or that fad.

One of my favourite stories of Science/ diet fads getting it wrong, and then getting it right is a story my aunt likes to recall. At one point a few years ago in Sri Lanka there was a huge push for people to start using Vegetable oil instead of Coconut oil, because the apparent health risks ( especially heart related health issues) was directly connected to Coconut Oil. My grandfather shook his head and said in his usual gruff annoyance, “Bloody nonsense! Our people have been using coconut oil for centuries and their hearts were stronger because of it!”

Sure enough the latest trend is that coconut oil is in fact the healthiest of oils.

We’ve stopped looking to ourselves for the answer, because we’ve been lulled into this sense that the answers are “out there.”  Books, magazines, Google and “the cloud,” we’re always reaching out for memories, for information. But I believe the best kind of wisdom comes from within.

Sometimes Science knows. Sometimes history knows. But most of the time, we know.

We just need to listen better.

On a side note- if most of what our brain used to do- memorize information- is now easily accessed through a few key strokes, what possibilities lie before us to use those cells for something else? Something more? What if we were to really tap into the power we carry in our heads. A power we’re only using 7% of on average?

Speaking of which this new Scar-Jo movie looks mighty interesting. Like a next step to Bradley Cooper’s Limitless.


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