Mr. Williams, I want another Wish.


A lot of people die each day. A lot of celebrities die.

But I’ve noticed the death of Robin Williams touches a part of my soul that never lost its childhood.

Listing the movies that he has been a part of, that have touched me, doesn’t seem like enough to express how much he matters to me- even though i didn’t know him personally.


Sure he was funny. Sure he was talented.


But there is a gentleness, a kindness in him that he brought to all his characters.

A kindness that made him incredibly approachable and lovable.

This morning I read a story about his friendship with Christopher Reeve.

How he made his friend laugh after the accident, when Reeve didn’t know if he would live or die.

There are so many many stories of people he touched with his kindness.


Kindness is a quality we don’t celebrate enough in this world.


There is another article about “Genie, you’re free” tweet. How its a comment on the “acceptability of suicide.”

Suicide isn’t acceptable. But for a moment can we NOT politicize this death, and just mourn this man.

Someone said the caption should have been, “Genie, I want another wish.”


Mr. Williams, I want another wish.

Come back. ❤


With the news that actor and comedian Robin Williams has died at age 63—he was found at his home in California after an apparent suicide on Monday—fans around the world have been left reeling.

From Twitter to late night, tributes have poured in for a man who, for many, defined comedy. From the tone and emotion behind many of the remembrances, it’s become apparent that there are many people who not only admired the actor—they felt genuinely moved by him. Whether it was Mork from Mork and Mindy or Dr. Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting or the Genie from Aladdin, everyone seems to have their own favorite Robin Williams moment or character that they hold dear. It’s not surprising: Williams was an absolute master of creating a character that resonated with people one way or another.

For those looking to revisit your favorite Robin Williams moment—or…

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