American Sniper: A short Review

In real life, if Chris Kyle and I met in the street we probably wouldn’t be immediate friends. We come from entirely different worlds, and to be quite honest, he comes from a world that i had little time for; A world i don’t understand, and can’t relate to; a world as foreign to me as the places he went and fought in. His values are almost the exact opposite to mine. We probably stand on opposite ends of the spectrum on most values- guns, religion, war.

By the end of American Sniper, i loved him. I understood him, and admired him for his values. His determination to look after his team and his men. He’s relentlessness in defeating what he saw definitively as evil.

That’s what this movie did for me. it bridged the gap between Chris and Me. It made me fall in love with the man he was, helped me understand his world, and made me incredibly sad that i will never have the good fortune to meet him.

This movie brought Chris Kyle to life for me, and whenever i hear about it, or see the trailer it makes me miss him. This sounds ridiculous and I wonder if it hits everyone in the gut this way.

One thing is certain, this movie didn’t just impact me. It fundamentally shifted my psyche.

I’m reading the book now, and it makes him come alive again. It’s more personal to read his story in his words, and more impactful to know that when he wrote his story he couldn’t anticipate its true ending.


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