Sweating the Details

BOOM. Truth to live by.

The Fight In Me

We humans are very good at sweating the details, and yet,as morbid as this might sound, we all die in the end.
Everyone’s end is just the same, all stories end the same way.
No matter where in life you come from, rich, poor, good, bad, beautiful, ugly: Everyone dies.
Yet if we’re lucky, when we go we leave nothing but the contentment, the peace, the happiness and the laughter in our lives.

So if we stop ourselves, create barriers for ourselves and make excuses for the things we cannot do, we will only have things that we should have done, could have done etc. Someone wise once told me- you only regret the things you never did.

We’ve created these barriers: norms, traditions, religion, societal expectations, horoscopes, castes, etc.
We’ve created these categories: age, sexual orientation, economic strata, race.
We’ve created these limits: anniversaries, societal boundaries, unspoken rules. All things…

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