Dreaming of them.

I don’t think this really happened… But versions of this have happened so often, that it feels so real. I love you guys.

The Fight In Me

Sleeping Restless Sleep.
Dreaming Dreams.
Smiling love.

A girl with a smile to beat the sun and a figure that screams sex gets off the plane in Sri Lanka. Its 530am December 20th, 2012. A day before the world ends.

She walks down the long terminal to immigration, charms the officer with her childlike excitement. She goes through duty free and gets fridges and washers for her family; fascinating more people who are left wondering what typhoon has been through. After clearing her bags she walks out into the hot, humid, over-crowded airport arrivals. Colombo is unbearably humid, and within minutes drops of sweat run down her back and her hair is wet and sticks to her skull.

She sees the jeep pull up and a familiar face jumps out of the driver seat.

“Ah Pavi Madam!”

She helps him load all the bags and boxes into the vehicle.

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