The Way your Love Feels

Your love feels like a constant warm glow that surrounds me, and fills me with a profound sense of well-being; like being encircled by a magic spell, where nothing bad can ever touch me.

Walking alongside you, if I fall behind, even for a fraction of a second, you are aware. You turn around, you adjust and you make sure I’m within your circle of awareness once more.

Sitting to eat with you, if my plate is empty, if I’m running low on vegetables, you fill my plate, you don’t need to ask me if I’m full, you know when I’m not. You notice what I like and you give me a little extra, even if it’s from your own plate.

Standing next to you if our hands meet accidentally, if they brush against each other, you grab my fingers, you give them a little squeeze, remind me that you’re there.

Driving next to you, if I drift away from you, if my gaze is out the window, if my mind wanders too far from you, you poke me, you tickle me, you bring me back, you remind me that you’re there, that I’m not alone.

Feeling insecure with you, if I cover up my body, if I hide from you, you roll your eyes at me, you laugh away my shyness, you compliment my body, you kiss me, you caress me, you hold me, you make me feel like the most desirable, the only woman in the world.

Fighting with you, annoying you, if I yell, if I scream, if I’m being unreasonable; you don’t yell at me, you never say an unkind word. You never raise your voice. And when I’m done, you tell me I’m being stupid. You tell me to let it go, and then you put a smile on my face. You never let me go to sleep angry, or hurt or alone.

Shopping with you, if we look at something for you, then you make sure we look at something for me too. It’s always equal. You want my opinion, you care what I think. It matters. What’s mine is yours, and what’s yours in mine.

Laying down to sleep next to you, if we drift too far apart in bed, if you don’t feel me against your skin, you wake, you reach for me, you find my hand and hold it, you find my forehead and kiss it, your make sure we’re connected physically and spiritually.

Meeting your friends, if I’m too loud, too forward, too open, if I draw attention to myself, you let me. You don’t change me, you don’t hold me back, and you let me be me. You’re proud of me, you show me off, you let me shine. You smile.

Giving you gifts, if you meet someone you tell them about it, you wear it every day, it is precious to you. You show me it’s important to you, and with your attention you make it more valuable. You make my gift to you, into a gift to me.

Saying goodbye to you, when you see the tears filling my eyes, the sorrow filling my voice,  the broken pieces of my heart falling on the floor next to you, you let me hug you extra long, you let me kiss you one last time, and one last time again. Then your eyes hold me, your stern gaze commands my tears not to fall. You silently demand my strength, you draw it out of me, my own strength, my own magic spell, the one that doesn’t need you, and the one that helps me through until the next time I see you. You pull it out of me, and you cover me with it. You remind me who I am. You remind me and you let me go; fearless, strong, and fierce.

Your awareness of me is superhuman. Your awareness is the romance of your love.
You are aware of me, and I am aware of your awareness. I am grateful.

Your love may not be obvious, it may not be loud, it may not be traditional, it may not be spoken, it may not be noticed, and it may not be chocolates and flowers. But your personal attention to me, your memory of me, your ability to bring out the best in me, your subtle love, your awareness is the best feeling in this universe.

I feel cradled, I feel safe, I feel warm, I feel cared for, I feel special, I feel lucky, I feel loved, oh so loved when I’m with you. And no other feeling can compare to it.

Thank you for your unconditional love. Thank you for giving it to me.




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