Tim Minchin

Social media is wonderful because it keeps you aware of news and opinions and mainstream everything. Facebook often informs me of natural disasters a well as pop culture disasters (The Kimye music video, “Friday Friday” song are some prime examples of things I wish I’d never seen.) Then once in awhile in addition to the cute animal videos, or cute baby videos there will be something inspiring like this Tim Minchin speech from 2013.

He is funny and doesn’t actually say anything we haven’t heard before. I just love the way he says it. Below is a small excerpt of my favourite part of his speech.

“Life is meaningless…. Here is my idea of Romance: You will soon be dead.

Life will sometimes be long and tough and god, it’s tiring.

You will sometimes be happy, and sometimes sad.

and then you’ll be old.

and then you’ll be dead.

There is only one sensible thing to do with this empty existence… and that is…

Fill it. Not FILLET. FILL IT.

In my opinion (until i change it), Life is best filled by learning as much as you can about as much as you can.

Taking pride in whatever you’re doing.

Having compassion.

Sharing Ideas.


Being enthusiastic.

and then there’s love and travel and wine and sex and art and kids and giving and mountain climbing, but you know all that stuff already.

It’s an incredibly exciting thing this ONE. MEANINGLESS. life of yours.

Good Luck!”


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